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I love to help people shine in front of every audience every time. I develop programs, products, and services that help professionals enjoy the amazing experience of having more confidence, more influence, and performing better under pressure—and doing it all in a way that saves them time! I have three decades of experience and thousands of hours in front of TV cameras, radio audiences, conference rooms, and ball rooms as a broadcaster, speaker, trainer and coach. I have won regional Emmy awards and Edward R. Murrow awards, but what brings me the biggest thrill is helping others feel the power of unleashing their authentic self in front of the room or in front of the media.

When I’m not speaking, writing, coaching, broadcasting Ravens games, or anchoring a sportscast on the nightly news, I love to travel with my family. Lee Ann, Katy, Zack and I have travelled from Montreal to Mont Saint Michelle, from South Beach to the Bahamas, from Nashville to Normandy Beach—and a lot of amazing stops in between.

A few years ago Katy (whose photo is below) and I had the ultimate Daddy-daughter date night when we received our Super Bowl rings together—c’mon, how cool is that? I’m the play-by-play announcer for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens and Katy worked in the marketing department when they won Super Bowl 47. Pure magic.

A couple of things you wouldn’t know about me from my time on-air or in front of the room:

  • I’m a fountain pen collector—I know, nerd alert. We all have our quirks
  • I volunteered as the helper for my kids gym class when they were in grade school and I smile to this day every time I hear the sound of kids on a playground, completely unaware of all the stress that life has waiting for them.
  • I’m the last of five kids, youngest of four boys. My dad’s name was John. My brothers: Jack, Jim, and Joe. For some reason my folks decided to spell my name with a G. So glad they did!
  • For thirty years I didn’t eat red meat. Not really sure why, either. But I am making up for lost time.

Whether you communicate to your management team, staff, clients, prospects, or in front of a camera, I want to help you do it better. That’s why I started this company two decades ago. I want to help you feel more confident, more poised, more like your most amazing, authentic self. Here is one, simple, free ways we can get started. Let me help you understand why we get stage fright and what you can do about it:

One thing that will always make you feel more comfortable in front of an audience is knowing a lot about that audience before you get to the front of the room. Check out this free report that will help you do just that:

I have spent more than three decades in front of TV cameras, microphones, doing live broadcasts on the radio, and speaking to audiences. In other words I’ve had plenty of opportunities to make lots of mistakes that you don’t have to make. Here’s a free report that will help you skip a lot of the hands-on learning that I had to do:

And finally, I’m a big believer in continuous learning and growth. I’m always trying to find ways to improve and I love sharing them with my followers. So if you’d like to patch into some on-going support, click below and we’ll keep you up to date on our latest research, insights, and findings that will help you shine and perform better under pressure.


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